Writing a cover letter for a job that doesnt exist

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Writing a cover letter for a job that doesnt exist

Should you simply wait patiently for the right opportunity to come along? Should you settle for something close but not ideal and just use the position as a placeholder until you find something better? Either of these options might work, but consider a third choice: This may sound crazy, but it happens all the time, and countless fulfilling careers are launched this way.

Smart employers—especially for growing companies and start-ups that thrive on flexibility and innovation—love hiring employees who come to them with these types of out-of-nowhere pitches. But only if applicants can make a compelling case.

And it all starts with a great cover letter. Before you write, think. Put yourself in the position of your target employer. And ask yourself two questions: What does this company need?


And what does this specific manager want? Finding answers to these questions might require a little research. As you write, focus entirely on your reader.

Never wander off into a discussion of your own requirements, interests, and demands. You can worry about those later. Any hint of confusion will bring the reading process to an end. So from the first sentence to the last, keep things simple.

Even if you have to oversimplify. For example, if your network management skills or cyber security background can help this employer, go easy on the IT jargon as you explain this. Speak in accessible terms that break the existing problem and the obvious solution hiring you!

Generate a sense of energy, urgency, and optimism. Whatever you can offer, make it clear that your audience will be better off with you on board. Keep your objectives in mind.

writing a cover letter for a job that doesnt exist

Your goal with a cold cover letter is not a job offer. If all goes well, your cover letter can help you score this invitation. Attach a resume that can back up your cover letter with quantifiable facts and a proven track record. Visit MyPerfectResume for formatting help, writing tips, and professional guidance.

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writing a cover letter for a job that doesnt exist

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A cold cover letter is an uninvited inquiry to an employer, recruiter or other hiring manager regarding possible job opportunities. Cold cover letters' potential advantages include creating a job that didn't previously exist, gaining early consideration for a position that hasn't yet been advertised and expanding your network of contacts.

Your resume and cover letter are scanned for keywords and depending on the number of matched keywords between your letter, resume, and the posted job description, will get you a response, and hopefully, an interview.

“For me, the traditional cover letter just needs to be a simple introduction to the person applying for the job. If the letter, or perhaps even first e-mail, is an easy opportunity for me to. Writing a cover letter can be one of the most stress inducing aspects of the job search.

The reason writing them is so difficult is because we don’t have a defined framework to follow. If you need to update your resume, you download a template and fill in the blanks.

A lackluster cover letter—for instance, a grammatically incorrect, generic one that doesn’t dive into the specifics of a particular job description—can very quickly cost a jobseeker the chance of an interview.

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