Writing a book with a co-authors

All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

Writing a book with a co-authors

I'm in Germany, so I posted on some German forums and websites, but I also published my "ad" in the Comic Books and Graphic Novels subforum of the Absolute Write Water Cooler I quickly deleted the ad in the Absolute Write Water Cooler again, because I had found a German author through a German forum, but in the day or two that it was online, I got a promising response by a young Canadian studying some kind of writing at some college or university I forget the details.

The samples he sent me were well-written, and his approach and mindset were professional, so I would have tried to work with him and only chose a German author because she lived close by and I preferred the idea of being able to meet in person.

This was maybe ten years ago, so I cannot vouch for the users of Absolute Write today, but from a few visits I still get the idea that it is one of the main places in the English speaking web where young, amateur, and semi-professional authors meet, so there is a rich reservoir of people who have not yet made it and wait for their opportunity.

I can only offer one link, but maybe it will help you find more if I describe what I did to find the German forums and websites where I posted my ad. What I did was very simple: The first thing I did was look for forums for authors.

I posted an ad in relevant subforums in all forums that had either a lot of members or focussed on my genre fantasy and comics.

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That is I posted in the largest writing forums and in all comic and fantasy forums. There aren't so many of these in German, but in English you might want to be more selective. I then searched for ads looking for authors.

What I found where some of the forums I had already found, but also some literary magazines with ad sections and simple ad websites like Craig's List. I then posted an ad on these sites.

I got a lot of feedback and found a very talented writer with whom I was extremely happy. How to co-author I would love to work with a co-author. But he would have to do the rewriting.

I'm what some call a "discovery writer", and once the first draft is done I can barely bring myself to look at it again.

I would be soooo happy, if someone else took my draft and turned it into a plublishable text.

writing a book with a co-authors

And I wouldn't even care how much he changed it, as long as I didn't have to deal with my word vomit again. What this should tell you is that you need to look at how you write, and how you work in general, and what kind of person and process could complement this. Maybe you like to dream up your story ideas alone.

But maybe you like to have someone to play idea ping pong with you. Maybe you like to draft, like I do, and would love someone do the rewriting. Or maybe you love to rewrite and would love for someone to give you a draft to chew on.Co-writing a book: Collaboration and Co-creation for Authors (Books for Writers Book 7) - Kindle edition by J.

Thorn, Joanna Penn.

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Character Worksheets And I am currently working on two more collaborative projects right now. I have found co-authoring a book can be powerful.
Tips for Co-Authoring a Book Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. First, find a coauthor whose vision you share.
5 Simple Ways to Write a Book - wikiHow Authors often collaborate to write a book.
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Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or lausannecongress2018.coms: Writing a book can be a chore. Many thousands of words are required, and only so many of them can be “the” or “very.” It should come as no surprise that, faced with such a task, an author might decide to share the writing load with another.

A lot of people have told us with wide eyes and shocked expressions that it must’ve been very difficult for us to co-author a novel, especially one with a plot as intricate as the one in Ocean of lausannecongress2018.com really, the book was a labor of love—to use a cliché—and one that never felt so much difficult as challenging.

2) Jointly brainstorming and storyboarding before writing (book-level and then chapters) 3) Having one person as anchor writer with other person polishing and handling specific sections, challenging approach, etc.

We also produced a book about the process, Co-Writing a Book: Collaboration and Co-Creation for Writers. In the intro, I talk about an update on my writing, plus my thoughts on an event with Seth Godin this week and Amazon's new physical bookstore.

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