Write ad computer object description

Most IT professionals I know deal with: Physical access Access to services on servers Access to applications Much work is going into securing the areas mentioned above, but, what about the information stored in Active Directory? When using Windows Server domain controllers most people feel at ease by the security that is built within this great technology - and they should. However, you need to know that there might be sensitive information which ordinary users can actually access with the use of simple tools.

Write ad computer object description

So, we want the information about the manufacturer of the computer, its model and serial number to be displayed in the Description field of the computer in Active Directory Users and Computers console.

This information can be obtained using the following WMI query: ActiveDirectory for Windows PowerShell module can help us. It is supposed that this module is already installed from RSAT. Import this module using the following command: Powershell cmdlet Set-ADComputer will help you to do it.

Nov 08,  · Maximum length of description on computer objects in AD? Anyone know what the maximum number of characters/longest length the description can be on a computer object in AD? In this article, I will walk you through connecting to an Active Directory, searching for users in the Active Directory, disabling a user's account, resetting a user's password, setting up a mailbox for a new user, displaying all computers on the network, and adding a user to a specific group in the Active Directory. For example the properties of the AD objects (description, telephone etc.) are all held in an array which can present its own problems and involve a lot of iteration and use of .

In this example the command is run with the domain administrator privileges. To do the same to other accounts, give them the corresponding privileges see below. Make sure that the information about the manufacturer and the model of the system have appeared in the Description field of our computer in the AD console.

We have refreshed the data in AD only for one computer. Create an array containing the list of all computers in the given OU: To get these data, target computers have to be turned on and WMI queries to them have to pass through.

This technique can be used to automatically populate the Description field of a computers in Active Directory.

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It is easier to do with a group policy logon script so that the data in the AD record are updated at the computer startup. The drawback of this approach is that any authenticated AD user can change or delete the description of any computer in Active Directory.

Using this technique, you can fill in any available computer attribute in Active Directory either manually or automatically. In particular, you can write the name of the current user registered in the system, his department this information can be obtained using Get-ADUserIP address of the computer or any other relevant information in the Description field.Often as a Windows system administrator, you will want to get a list of computer/host names from (an OU in) Active Directory.

Here are a few ways of doing it with PowerShell, using lausannecongress2018.comorySearcher ([adsisearcher]) with an LDAP query, Get-ADComputer from the Microsoft ActiveDirectory module cmdlets and Get-QADComputer from Quest ActiveRoles.

To implement this scenario, you will have to give Authenticated Users the Write Description privilege and apply it to Descendant Computer Objects. Note. The drawback of this approach is that any authenticated AD user can change or delete the description of any computer in Active Directory.

Dec 02,  · First you will have retrieve all AD Computers in a particular OU. Then a foreach will loop through each computer object, the dnshostname is used to query the computers remote registry hive, the distinguishedname is set as the unique primary identity for the AD computer and used in the 'set-adcomputer' to set the description with the retrieved dynamicsitename.

Things i discover while on my journey as a system admin… For example, the distinguished name of the Schema Container in the http: You can also use the Active Directory Schema MMC snap-in, which splits the classes and attributes in separate containers for easy viewing, even though in reality all the schema objects are stored directly in the Schema Container.

In this article I introduce a VBScript script that populates the description field of the Active Directory computer object with the account name of the last user who logged on to this machine and More details about the System Configuration.

Question Update AD computer description with Username, ipv4Address (lausannecongress2018.comhell) submitted 3 years ago by biffon Hi Everyone just trying to write a script that updates the Machine Description with current logged on user and ipv4address of the machine.

write ad computer object description

A domain is defined as a logical group of network objects (computers, users, devices) that share the same Active Directory database. A tree is a collection of one or more domains and domain trees in a contiguous namespace, and is linked in a transitive trust hierarchy.

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