Teechers drama coursework

Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it. We must all do theatre — to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become. Drama in the curriculum helps to create independent learners, critical thinkers and effective decision makers—all personal attributes that can make students stand out as they progress through their education and into employment.

Teechers drama coursework

Audience pays attention as Teechers are in town. However there was a quieter revolution happening in theatre and playwrighting in general. Godber and his contemporaries brought to us a new kind of theatre. Salty, Gail and Nicole are three kids at the tail end of their school years, there is a problem with the Mikado and Mr.

Nixon the beleaguered Drama teacher know how he feels is being bullied by Mr.

Teechers drama coursework

Bassford who wields power over the cover rota. The story is told brilliantly through the three school children taking on the gamut of parts that such a story offers.

The results are hilarious and one can see that Godber has earned his place at the top but Blackeyed Theatre Company should be right up there with him.

This two act play calls for true commitment and true emersion into the character to even make it possible.

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The three players had nothing to fall back on: There were three school tables and chairs, the tables were sporting graffiti that even we Priory Boys would have been proud of. Other than that it was a blank stage. These three troupers filled that space, one was able to see the classroom, one saw the sports fields and one winced at the school disco.

The rhythm these three have built between them is like electricity.

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The speed they could change characters was breath-taking. One saw everything he saw and if he said there was an elephant on the front row we would have believed and moved accordingly. He was so watchable. What marks these guys out as different from the hundreds of Drama Student hopefuls that see this show is their ability to commit.

A part can-not become a part without commitment. No matter what the director tells you, that is what you do. No arguing, no moaning but a commitment. Moreover it is an intellectual commitment too that gives the depth. A full understanding to who you are being. So good for so many young Drama students to see tonight.

Teechers drama coursework

Catch this show if you can, Godber is a great writer and Blackeyed Theatre Company are a great company.Introduction. Drama is taught to all pupils in KS3 and as an option at KS4. Currently, there is one in Year 11 and 1 group in Year 10 studying GCSE. Teechers Characters Essay Sample. Introduction.

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For unit 2 of Drama, we are studying Teechers which is by John Goodber. Goodber is well known for plays such as Teechers, Bouncers and Shakers.

Gemma Oaten (born 8 May, in Canada) has played Rachel Breckle since July Oaten's interest in drama started young, and in she appeared in a National Touring Company production of Evita. Around this time, affected by bullying taunts, Oaten developed Anorexia, which blighted her.

Year 9 Topics: 'Teechers’ & War At Key Stage 4 students follow the OCR Drama GCSE course. This course has been selected for its broad range of study with emphasis on both performing published texts and devising new work.

CELIKKAYA, FILOGLU / Attitudes of Social Studies Teachers toward Value and Values Education Method Research Design Phenomenology, one of the qualitative research. TEECHERS Stage Left Theatre Teechers is an adolescent revenge fantasy; the target is the educational system.

You undoubtedly know the genre: Teenagers trapped in a.

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