Ruq ah handwriting analysis

Existing analysis programs are expensive, complex and do not provide the desired analytical tools. This program is easy to use and provides a collection of powerful analysis tools specifically designed to address the research needs. The application has three main features — parameter calculation, graphical displays and data saving which are discussed in section 2.

Ruq ah handwriting analysis

The shape of a single letter or word if analysed properly can be a guide to the hidden character and appearance of a writer. The handwriting that evolves is as personal as your fingerprints. This is due to the fact that his nervous system acts as wires.

The brain gets stimulated and the muscular system is coordinated into a more or less controlled writing movement. So with this change of his writing by stages, his changing personality can also be analysed fully.

Graphology is a science which can be studied anywhere and at anytime. To analyse fully one has to work hard and practise this science. Select the items on right hand side and then check the handwriting characteristics.

Handwriting Characteristics Personality Characteristics Spacing of writing State of mind Speed of writing Amount of energy Slope of writing Degree of affections Size of writing Concentrative powers Handwriting Characteristics Personality Characteristics Check very carefully, the construction of words, their strokes, loop of letters, writing method of capital letters, slope of the words and other peculiar sign which one uses in his writing.

If the writing is big and wide, if letters are large and cover more space of the paper it indicates a generous and kind-hearted nature.

If the letters are small, crowded, written close to each other, the writer may be narrow-minded and stingy. If the writing is average, then the writer is of an average nature but generous. If the writing slopes to the left or backward, the writer has an attractive nature, loves beautiful things and has artistic feelings.

Emotional and fond of the opposite sex.

ruq ah handwriting analysis

If the letters are straight, running up and down, the writer is determined, sometimes obstinate and has a good will-power.

He knows what he wants and cannot easily be diverted. If the letters slope towards the right, he enjoys life, even when he is unhappy he does not remain gloomy. At times, he faces struggles with courage and confidence and gets providential help to overcome them. Broad-minded and a lover of all.

Not sentimental but is influenced easily by the opposite sex. During writing when the downward strokes of words are thicker than the upward strokes they denote the writer to be of a worrying nature, worrying over trifles and hence no peace of mind. If the capital letters stand separated from other letters, they indicate that the man is of a easy-going nature and generous.

But when capital words are joined with other letters, the person is practical. When letters stand separated from each other and have equal spacing between them, they indicate that the writer has some artistic talent, loves beauty, discipline and takes life easy.

When the loops of letters are pointed, the person is broad-minded, and is of practical nature. Rounded letters in a handwriting indicate a pleasant and affectionate nature of a person.

When the bottom letters are blacker or darker than the top, they denote an inventive and scientific talent Learn what a handwriting analysis reveals. Did you know you can tell what your handwriting says about you by the direction of its slant?

A right slant means you like to meet and work with new. Sep 17,  · Ruq’a: Writing Arabic in Cursive.

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The Arabic analog to cursive handwriting is the ruq’a script. This is a script that’s designed for efficiency and speed. Another good book on RUQ’AH is “Writing Arabic – A practical introduction to RUQ’AH script” by T.F.

Michell. Similar analysis undertaken by CNN indicates that Trump’s large print is, well, bullish. “A bull is a hyper-masculine animal that pushes its way through things without a lot of elegance.

Jan 14,  · Arabic and English Handwriting sample - posted in Calligraphy Discussions: I was asked to provide a sample of my normal script, so here it is- there is a reason I don't write in English much; normally, I type everything and only print Arabic or Greek.

Any constructive criticism of either the Arabic or English would be great- thanks. The analysis software using the collected data calculates parameters related to the handwriting and enables the researcher to draw conclusions about the functional capabilities of a subject.

This type of study helps to understand how handwriting patterns vary with age, disease, experience, and medication. Gateway to Arabic Handwriting Book (paperback). Although a number of handwriting styles are used in the Middle East, the style taught in this book, namely ruq'ah, is the most widespread and the easiest to learn.

Compared to the printed style of Arabic, which is termed naskh, ruq'ah offers the advantage of being much quicker to write.

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