Perrison essay

Sociology assignment report on: Child Abuse and Neglect Sociology assignment report on: Child Abuse and Neglect Purpose The purpose of the report is to highlight the main issue that how the health care sectors i. The emotional well being of adolescent gets affected if the adolescent had ever experienced any trauma or faced the critical situations in his life.

Perrison essay

Science assignment essay on: Report on health care sectors Science assignment essay on: Report on health care sectors Purpose The purpose of the report is to highlight the main issue that how the health care sectors i. The emotional well being of adolescent gets affected if the adolescent had ever experienced any trauma or faced the critical situations in his life.

The particular emphasis is on the deteriorated health of the adolescents because of over-eating and the consequent obesity. It will analyse that how nursing the adolescents properly can bring the positive changes in the lives of those adolescents and the grown- ups who have had faced certain situations.

Introduction Obesity is that medical condition where the body fat goes in excess and gets attained on the body in a disastrous manner. It becomes very tough for the body to move and remain active thus posing a threat to health and it leads to reduced number of healthy years of living the life.

The ill effects are such that it first affects the heart and disturbs the normal metabolism of the body by attacking the sugar levels in the body and it raises the chances of joint pains and the breathing problems.

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As the main, functions of the body are affected the rate of the productive activities is lowered. Obesity is also seen to be genetic and thus there are high chances that the babies produced Perrison essay the obese parents are generally obese in the long run.

The contributing factors that have been there for this epidemic in Australia is that there have been continued because of the medical problems and the psychological problems in the society.

The reason that can be sight is that availability of everything mechanic and robotic has drastically led to the reduced physical activity of the body. The development of the adolescent can get hindered if the obesity is not put to proper check and if the regime of the proper diet is not set for him Watson, N.

Obesity does not damage the body of the individual from inside but it also turns the table on the outside of the body.

Perrison essay

With excessive fat, the appearance becomes highly deformed and the beauty of the body goes for a toss. The physical features become unattractive and there are high chances that the adolescent gets subjected to the teasing and the collective teasing by the classmates.

The adolescents thus possess a greater chance of getting emotionally week as they can easily be rendered isolated and unnoticed by the society. It is something that directly attacks an adolescent and thus adversely modifies the self concept. It is seen that some babies lack self esteem and ability to withstand social and personal challenges in life Perry,D and Pauletti, R.

This abuse has the most crude kind of an effect on the well-being of a adolescent because he actually takes on to him for the whole of his life, and the consequences may be the insecurity in the adolescent, he may attain destructive and violent behaviour, the esteem and self-confidence diminish gradually and there occur very potent chances of addiction to drug and alcohol intake.

The age group that is chosen is the 13 to 18 years; that is the adolescents. Definitions Obesity A person gains excessive mass on the body and it is referred to as the body fat. The same is high above the normal weight which a person should have. It is almost seen as a disease, which marks an abnormal growth of the individual.

The person who is known as an obese actually gains so much wait that the body becomes shapeless. The obese person is said to live at a high risk of blood pressure fluctuation, severe joint-pains, restlessness, anxiety, and high cholesterol.

Emotional Wellbeing It is the essence of good health which lies in the emotional state of an individual. This concept is of the highest significance in the early years of the life like the childhood and adolescence.

There are important health factors under concern like stress, anxiety and depression that can occur in this phase of life. The good emotional wellbeing guarantees long and healthy life, the capacity to cope with difficulties and boosts productivity in every task.

This big percentage is that of the overweight and the obese younger individuals in the Australian Society according to the National Health Survey. The statistics are shocking in a way and also reflects that how unhealthy can be the future of the nation state if the same trend continues.

Perrison essay

The physical deterioration does not come alone it is also followed by the emotional crisis which an adolescent undergoes. Relating to the need of the hour it can be seen that there are many ways out of the problematic and that there are various health care operations that can be implemented which could actually help the adolescent who need to be protected against such an epidemic.

There are certain protective and the medical health strategies which could be offered to such adolescents that remains independent of the expenses and should be able to work against any traumatic experience, encourage development and resolve the conflicts related to the diet control or other social complexities.

The emotional well-being can be promoted and for that there can be a common solution i. It is an important health issue as the same state of emotion is the ones which determine the level of development and the performance.

If the mental health is not proper and normal there would be certain drawbacks present in the physical normality of the adolescent. Discussion In the recent years it has been observed that the rate of the adolescence obesity has been doubled now. Even if the mental pressures, the work load or the burden of the studies is kept aside then also it is observed that these young ones have given completely to the junk food and the related unhealthy food habits.

The taste buds hold more importance to the adolescents today than a balanced diet than ever before. The fat in the body thus leads to shame and embarrassment in the public. The adolescents are the most vulnerable beings when it comes to handle the situations which are testing times of their lives.

The general symptoms that an adolescent faces being physically obese and consequently emotionally unwell are:The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay Words: Pages: 2 Paragraphs: 6 Sentences: 43 Read Time: In , Philip K. Zimbardo, a psychology professor at Stanford University began researching how prisoners and guards internalize submissive and authoritarian roles.

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