Grantiau cychwyn business plan

Thank you very much, Madam Presiding Officer. It truly is a pleasure to be here.

Grantiau cychwyn business plan

The Assembly grantiau cychwyn business plan at I call the National Assembly to order. The first item on our agenda this afternoon is questions to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, and to ask the first question, Vikki Howells.

Will the Minister provide an update on how the Welsh Government is supporting farmers in the Cynon Valley? Support is also available through Glastir and Farming Connect. Mae cymorth ar gael hefyd drwy Glastir a Cyswllt Ffermio. I recently met with a group of farmers in Ynysybwl, which is a marginal farmland area in my constituency, at a meeting organised by the National Farmers Union.

We discussed the acidic quality of local soil, and it was suggested that liming of the soil in the area may benefit farmers, but would also bring environmental improvements.

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Would the Welsh Government consider building this idea into current and future farmer support schemes? Diolch i chi, Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet.

Buom yn trafod ansawdd asidig y pridd lleol, ac awgrymwyd y gallai calchu pridd yn yr ardal fod o fudd i ffermwyr, ond byddai hefyd yn arwain at welliannau amgylcheddol.

Welsh Government officials have regular and very productive engagement with farming stakeholders on Glastir, and that includes, obviously, the farming unions.

European Commission rules require agri-environment support to pay for activities that exceed usual farming practice, so liming would grantiau cychwyn business plan be part of usual farming practice. I think future support really is about primarily driving transformational change across the industry to become more sustainable, profitable, and resilient.

Davies Cabinet Secretary, obviously, the rural development plan offers a level of support to agriculture, whether it be in the Cynon Valley or anywhere else in South Wales Central, or indeed Wales. The Government is committed to bringing a small grants scheme forward in this term. When do you think that small grants scheme might well be available to farmers to access, and what do you have in mind as being permissible under such a small grants scheme, when it is up and running?

I suppose early thinking is looking at perhaps small pieces of equipment, for instance, through capital grants, but, as I say, it is very early days.

Fe fyddwch yn deall bod y trafodaethau hynny megis dechrau, bedwar mis i mewn i dymor y Llywodraeth hon, felly ni allaf roi dyddiad i chi pa bryd y bydd ar gael. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y risg o lifogydd yng Ngorllewin Clwyd?

Will the Minister make a statement on flood risk in Clwyd West? As with many parts of Wales, flood risk in Clwyd West comes from rivers, sea and surface water.

But, of course, individuals can take some responsibility to protect their own properties as well. What consideration has the Cabinet Secretary given to making such grants available, so that people can accept some responsibility, to support making their own properties more flood resilient?

A diolch i chi, Ysgrifennydd y Cabinet, am y buddsoddiad y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi ei ryddhau i ddiogelu cartrefi a busnesau rhag llifogydd yn fy etholaeth. Ond wrth gwrs, gall unigolion hefyd gymryd peth cyfrifoldeb dros amddiffyn eu heiddo eu hunain. We do support property-level resilience, when brought forward, as an appropriate solution by local authorities or by Natural Resources Wales, and we provide grant funding for that purpose.

Rydym yn cefnogi gwydnwch ar lefel eiddo, pan gaiff ei gyflwyno fel ateb addas gan awdurdodau lleol neu Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru, ac rydym yn darparu cyllid grant at y diben hwnnw.

Yn yr adran hon:

A tidal lagoon for north Wales, of course, is one possible way of contributing towards tackling flood problems and coastal erosion in Clwyd West. So, again, those discussions are ongoing. What I think I was saying was that when we have a look, and when we unpick—I think I mentioned that there are 5, pieces of legislation within my portfolio in relation to agriculture and fisheries—when we unpick them and we are looking at Welsh specific going forward, it could be that we would strengthen some of the legislation or regulations.

Wel, nid oeddwn yn bod yn arbennig o benodol. Of course, one set of regulations that the Welsh Government is looking at is in relation to nitrate vulnerable zones.

I appreciate that these proposals are currently at a consultation stage, but how is the Welsh Government working with farmers affected to ensure that they fully understand the cost and the impact that these regulations will have on their businesses, and will you confirm whether any financial support will be made available to farmers who will face additional costs as a result of complying with any new regulations?

grantiau cychwyn business plan

Diolch am yr eglurhad hwnnw. I think farmers are very keen to consider how best to stop excessive nitrate pollution in waterways, and they were very happy to bring forward their views. Obviously, all views will be taken into account. Credaf fod ffermwyr yn awyddus iawn i ystyried y ffordd orau o atal gormod o lygredd nitrad mewn dyfrffyrdd, ac roeddent yn hapus iawn i gyflwyno eu barn.

Yn amlwg, bydd yr holl safbwyntiau yn cael eu hystyried. They will have to be taken into account when we look at the full impact assessment that would accompany any new regulations.

And I think we have to look at any increased costs that have to be weighed against the benefits to the environment. The Welsh Government, quite rightly accepts that farmers should receive payments for carrying out environmentally responsible tasks.

Now that the Treasury has slightly, at least, clarified post-Brexit funding, will she be prepared to consider opening a new window for Glastir Entry and Glastir Commons applications, and allow those that are in Glastir Entry already to extend their contracts beyond five years?

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cydnabod yn gwbl briodol y dylai ffermwyr gael taliadau am gyflawni tasgau amgylcheddol gyfrifol.Cychwyn busnes / Starting a business Business Wales/Busnes Cymru; 78 videos; Save. Sign in to YouTube.

grantiau cychwyn business plan

Sign in. Play next; Play now; How to write a Business Plan by Business Wales/Busnes Cymru. Otherwise, business for the next three weeks is as shown on the business statement and announcement found amongst the meeting papers available to Members electronically. Diolch, Llywydd. Ceir sawl newid i fusnes yr wythnos hon.

ŵyn a llaeth ar y ffermydd a arolygwyd ac a oedd yn cael Grantiau Effeithiolrwydd Glastir, sy’n Share of actions taken by farmers for business improvement, by aspect of resources efficiency and garfan o’r man cychwyn hwn, yn hytrach na thrwy gymharu’n uniongyrchol fel y gwnaed yma, sydd yn.

Phrases such as ‘business as usual’ were used, and another one, ‘the rebirth of businesses’ came out of recent briefing sessions I held last week.

I would also say my favourite phrase was ‘entrepreneurs thrive on change’ . Home > Assembly Business > rop-nolinks.

Cofnod y Trafodion The Record of Proceedings. 09/03/ Cynnwys Contents 1. Our woodland strategy for Wales action plan sets out our short-term actions and activities to deliver the long-term ambitions of our strategy, which in turn contributes to the wider wellbeing goals in the Act.

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