Dominos pizza operations process and information

The company recently attempted to redefine the company image with a new pizza sauce and crust.

Dominos pizza operations process and information

Introduction Managing logistics and operations in a business is highly crucial to ensure that the company meet out the requirements and necessities of consumers on regular basis.

Conversely, to perform the logistics operations productively and effectively, the fundamental step is to consider proper and timely management along with various multiple areas which includes manufacturing, finance, banking, public sector, strategic management, corporate governance etc.

Dominos pizza operations process and information

Also many supporting processes are there that helps in managing business properly and efficiently Higgs Customer Process technologies is a collection of tasks and related structured activities which produces a particular product for a specific customer.

It could be broadly determined in 3 processes Management Process Technology Operational Process Technology Supporting Process Technology The management process technology is related to governing the operations of a business such as strategic management process or corporate governance process of some business Higgs The Operational process is connected to the core business of the company which creates the main value stream and supporting process is mainly the backend operations such as accounting and technical support.

And its mission is focused on selling more and more pizzas and to add more fun to the life of its customers.

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Since its beginning, Domino's Pizza had an insurance that clients might accept their pizzas inside 30 minutes of submitting a request, or they might get the pizzas free.

The wide seizure mediums of the company help it to attain focus on its productivity. It has been researched that the percentage of online ordering in U.

Another customer process technology Dominos makes use of is an online application along with a mobile application to order pizzas online. The Company owns the entire responsibility for the satisfaction with their products which means they are serving fresh, hot and tasty to the consumers.

Delivery at Doorstep in 30 Minutes: This is the only pizza company that provides the service of doorstep delivery in less than 30 minutes or the consumer gets his pizza free, except for the rainy days.

Take-away order in 15 Minutes: Delivery is free of cost: Company do not charge extra to deliver pizza at doorstep. These all of the measures are great in itself but not sufficient as the competition in this field is now very vast so company must take innovative measures regularly in order to grow its revenue.

Social media networks are wide and large and every human breed could be found on it so it is one of the best platforms to be use in a more enhancive way. It is absolutely free and grows as a chain. Manufacturing of base pizzas and other sides are done at their factory which includes transportation costs and also does not guarantee freshness.

An alternate to it could be training chefs at outlets for how to make these bases and the proper measurement of size and everything. If the customers themself see it they would be happier and sound towards pizzas as they would consider it hygienic and fresh product.

The price of pizzas at Dominos is quite reasonable that even people from lower middle class could sometimes afford it. International markets are another step in operational process technology which should be improved and enhanced.

At present domestic market of Dominos is shrinking while it has shown a rise in international markets, hence company must think of it as well as an alternative.

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It has been researched that the global market is developing a taste for fast food and especially pizza, mainly because of falling dollar w. Because of its popular brand name Dominos could expand its market with little marketing, distribution and other incremental infrastructure growth.

Also, as the company has a business model orientation as franchisee based it is easy to expand with little working capital and expenditures.

Also, in last 60 consecutive quarters international revenues of Dominos has always shown positive results with a zero negative. Hence, expanding globally is a great way for long term growth internationally.

As per other operational process technology is concerned it has its own benefits too. Changing pattern of, manufacturing base pizzas at home location and exporting to other nations to training employees to make base pizzas and dough at the outlet itself can prove to be great start for the company as it would be easy to manage inventory and the loss incurred from expired and torn out material would be minimum.

Cost of Change Manufacturing base pizzas at home location and exporting to other nations is beneficial from many aspects as the cost of importing and exporting will be minimised and freshness in the product will be maximised.

This will increase the trust and faith of customers in the company Long, Dulwich and Gay Goodwill of the company will increase in both markets international as well as domestic. As far as the budget and costs are concerned implementation of this change would lessen the entire cost of the production, as the preserving cost of dough and base pizzas at inventory would be saved.International Franchising with Domino's The Overview.

Domino's International, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Domino's LLC, began serving consumers outside the United States in when the first store opened in Winnipeg, Canada. DOMINO’S PIZZA SIZZLES WITH PIZZA TRACKER 2 Domino’s Pizza Sizzles with Pizza Tracker This case study discusses the impact that information systems and global e-business has had on Domino’s Pizzas’ reemergence as an industry leader in the home-delivery pizza market.

The international fast food pizza delivery corporation, Domino’s Pizza, is a renowned and popular choice amongst people for relishing their favorite fast food, the Pizza. Dominos Pizza Operations Process and Information Needed.

PROCESS * Process: Understand market and customer Information: Market and customer information) 1. Understanding customers' needs and publicising the Domino's brand. Developing new products and use of technology. 2. Domino's. DOMINO’S PIZZA SIZZLES WITH PIZZA TRACKER 2 Domino’s Pizza Sizzles with Pizza Tracker This case study discusses the impact that information systems and global e-business has had on Domino’s Pizzas’ reemergence as an industry leader in the home-delivery pizza market.

Attention: for specific opening and closing time, or carry-out time and delivery time of each Domino's, please contact each Domino's or check on each Domino's information (The following Domino's Pizza Locations will tell you how to locate a Domino's and find its information).

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