Cutrite shears

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Scrim Polyester scrim coated on both sides with an aggressive, high strength translucent synthetic rubber adhesive. Bonds to foams, vinyl, fabrics and MDF etc.

Foams Double sided foam tapes consist of acrylic adhesives coated to cross-linked polyethylene foam and are available in thicknesses from 0.

OEM and after market auto grades available in black also. Standard thicknesses of 1.

Cutrite shears

Chemically compatible with most popular window sealants. Creates a permanent waterproof seal in both residential and commercial glazing systems.

Can be easily die cut to produce gaskets to seal corners and transom joints in window frames. Also creates an Cutrite shears seal in the manufacture and installation of Skylights, Cutrite shears of joints in the sheet metal and transport industries.

Structural glazing A high density polyurethane double sided foam tape used in the construction of structural glazed panels also referred to as spacer tape. Available in standard thicknesses of 3.

The high density foam ensures consistent thickness of the structural sealant and also provides an excellent thermal barrier to minimise heat transfer. Many of these double sided tapes are available in longer length rolls spools or pancake rolls for clients that due to their production process, wish to mechanically apply the tape rather than hand apply.

Foams Soft PVC closed cell foam Low density closed cell foam coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive. Available in black or grey. Rolls are reverse wound for quick, easy and clean application. The foam has good recovery after compression, is UV resistant and has good resistance to dilute acids and alkalis.

Suitable for use in partitioning to help reduce sound transmission and compensates for uneven surfaces. Also used in roofing and cladding and is ideal for sealing between window frames and cladding. Medium PVC closed cell foam Medium density closed cell foam coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive.

Suitable for sealing around electrical panels in petrol pumps, between logs in kit homes and is excellent as a water proof seal in residential aluminium windows.

Available as die cut gaskets for sealing aluminium and timber windows. Used to seal roof sections in railway carriages to provide a long lasting waterproof seal. Also to side panels and vehicle sub frames to seal and reduce vibration in commercial vehicle construction.

Available as die cut gaskets for sealing aluminium residential and commercial windows. Polyethylene closed cell foam Expanded cross linked polyethylene foam coated on one side with an aggressive acrylic adhesive. Charcoal grey in colour. Available in thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm.

It has excellent resistance to ageing, sound transmission, water absorption, ozone and solvents. When burnt the smoke emitted is non toxic and thicknesses greater than 6mm are flame retardant and complies with FMVSS standard. Suitable for sealing rigid air conditioning duct flanges, ventilation grills and fire dampers, sealing electrical cabinets and used as a dam-wall to prevent leakage of sealants in the sealing of automotive windscreens.

Slit to any size to suit purlin width. Colours available black or white. Neoprene closed cell foam An expanded neoprene closed cell rubber foam coated on one side with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.Full text of "Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of " See other formats.

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• Five-bladed mill only: Medium to heavy “cutrite” 1/8 to 1/4 in. size, with a Find Cutrite mm Pruning Saw at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products.

› Our Range › Garden › Garden Tools › Shears & Pruning Tools › Pruning Saws › Hand Make light work of pruning with this saw from Cutrite. Made with a high-carbon mm steel blade and comfortable plastic handle.

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Cutrite shears

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