Civil war project

This undertaking is rather large and needs as many interested people to assist as possible. As with any project such as this, considerable fieldwork will be needed to obtain the information that will eventually be placed into the National database. Individuals who wish to assist the SUVCW may obtain a Grave Registration packet consisting of a set of instructions, list of abbreviations and a Graves Registration form at the end of this Web page.

Civil war project

Many of these soldiers have the word "deserted" after their names. We would like you to know that this is from the Microfilm from the National Archives. These soldiers may have been separated from their Units in the heat of battle, joined up with other Units and continued to fight this war.

They may have had families back home who were starving and no one to plant their crops or gardens They may have gone home to visit awhile with loved ones and then return, only to find that there were so many miles between them and their original Unit that rejoining them was an impossibility, and so they joined with others to continue to fight in the war.

If you have any questions about the validity of the term "deserted" after your soldiers name, please do send for copies of the original records from the Arkansas History Commission. There is a form that can be downloaded for this purpose This can be accessed on the main Civil War page at the bottom.

Click on the address link and down load and print a form. The material on these pages belongs to Edward G. These Units are not public domain, but personal files on the Civil War Units.

We have not, nor will we give permission for our pages to be used on any other site. You may copy your soldiers records but not whole Units or Companies to be used on another website.

Civil war project

If you wish a lookup, we will as always, be happy to do so. If you wish to link to our site then please do.

Civil war project

We don't want our information duplicated on another site, such as a whole Unit or a Company. You may want to research the microfilm yourself if you want more information then what we have allowed here.Department of Michigan, SUVCW, representing the interests of the Grand Army of the Republic and honoring the memory of those who "wore the blue" in defense of our nation.


Ohioans Come Together Through Green Lawn Cemetery Headstone Project

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is a fraternal organization dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of heroes who fought and worked to save the Union.

The American Civil War was a tumultuous time in our country's history. Teaching middle school students about this period can be challenging. Use these project ideas to diversify and broaden.

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