A look at wicca and its impact in my life

I am a writer of witchery and am interested in all aspects of religious history and expression. Witchcraft is one of the world's oldest spiritual traditions, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. Television, movies, and comic books abound with stereotypes and misconceptions about what it really means to be a witch.

A look at wicca and its impact in my life

You will see on Youtube videos of people making candles flicker or spinning little bits of paper under glass bowls. I think I have an affinity for water because I love to go swimming and hang out on the beach, does that mean Water is my Element?!!

For more on elements in Wicca and their correspondences, read here. The Four Elements Clockwise from top: Air, Earth, Fire, Water.

Source Traditional Wiccan Chant: Yes, you read that right. First, it should be understood, Elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water are not the same thing as dirt, oxygen, flames and H For Example, the Element of Water capitalized is not just the stuff that pours out of your faucets or fills your pool.

Water is H20, and H20 is the most pure symbol of the Element, but the Element of Water is so much more than that. The Element of Water is infused in every aspect of life, and this is so with the other three as well.

If you were one Element, you would be an incredibly imbalanced person. If you lean that heavily toward one Element, it would mean you need less of it, and you need more of the other three. Some would argue, saying something like: But my astrological sign is fill in the blankmaking my Element fill in the blank!

Yes, I know—astrological signs fall under the Elements as well. For one thing, your Sun sign is not your only astrological sign you also have a Moon sign, an Ascending sign, and all those houses in your chart with different planets. But I have an affinity for fill in the blank because fill in the blank!

Basic Element Info Masculine, projective element connected to rational thought, the mind, intellect, wisdom, communication, etc. Corresponding to the North, the winter season, middle of the night. Earth Feminine, receptive, connected to stability, practicality, materialism, the physical world, etc.

Corresponding to the East, to the spring season, to sunrise time, Fire Masculine, projective, connected to the will, passion, creativity, etc. Corresponding to the South, to the summer season, to midday noon.

Water Feminine, receptive, connected to the emotions, intuition, mysterious, the subconscious, etc. Corresponding to the West, to the fall season, to twilight time.

Controlling Elements The idea of controlling Elements in Wicca is another misconception. Even if this was possible, this would fall under the category of psychic abilities. While a Wiccan might believe in this stuff, or attempt to perform these tasks, it does not make doing these things part of our religion.

I do have to note here, the idea of "controlling elements" seems to me an incredible waste of time and energy. They cause a flame to flicker or a little feather to bounce around or water to ripple at will.

The amount of practice and effort that goes into what amounts to little more than a neat trick to show off with at parties is ridiculous. Controlling a flame with your mind even if you could is not the same thing controlling the Element of Fire.

A look at wicca and its impact in my life

Controlling the Elements is about finding self-control and balance within yourself and your life. You want to control the Element of Fire?

Witchcraft in a Nutshell

Learn how to nurture your passions and channel them productively. Work on expressing yourself artistically. You want to Control the Element of Water? Learn how to be more compassionate and understanding. Learn how to listen to and interpret your intuition.Learn about what Wicca is, what its followers believe and what God thinks about Wicca.

and my bedroom was once again calm and warm. My life was never the same after that." The next day on the way to school Kathy told herself, You they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and.

In other words, are you a "weekend Wiccan"? Living a magical life is something one does 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the needs of your tradition, it may involve something as complex as daily rituals, or as simple as taking a moment to thank your gods each morning when you get out of bed.

Consider the impact that your. Both religion and sport may have a big impact in your life in so many different ways. Both determines where you are going in life, values, morals, and what your standards are.

In my life religion has impact my life . Jan 31,  · How to Become a Wiccan. In this Article: Learning about the Wicca Craft Becoming a Wiccan Using Wicca in Everyday Life Community Q&A Also known as “The Old Religion” and “The Craft,” Wicca is a religion with its own practices, tenets, and beliefs rooted in pagan traditions%(K).

Witchcraft is the satanic supernatural, the occult in all its forms, which operates in every area of society and includes divination (fortune telling or knowledge) and sorcery. Perhaps the single most powerful weapon of witchcraft is curses. Warnings & Cautions For The New Wiccan or Witch.

Written by Erik. If you've looked at this site at all, you've seen the wonderful things that happen when you begin following a Wiccan path.

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